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Professional Lawn & Garden Maintenance

Landscaping & Lawn Care Services

We are your one-stop shop for landscaping and lawn care services in Buffalo, NY! From weekly lawn cutting to power washing  Pauly Landscaping is proud to maintain WNY homes. Learn more about our services below and reach out for a free estimate. We are proud to go above and beyond for our customers and provide fair pricing!

Landscaping Services in Buffalo, NY | Pauly Landscaping
Landscaping Services in Buffalo, NY | Pauly Landscaping
Landscaping Services in Buffalo, NY | Pauly Landscaping
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What We Can Do For You

Lawn Services

We can completely maintain your lawn, so it’s never overgrown, brown, or uneven. Our lawn services include:


  • Weekly & Bi-Weekly Lawn Cutting
  • Lawn Edging
  • Lawn Dethatching
  • Lawn Rolling
  • Lawn Reseeding
  • Grading
  • Sod Install
  • Lawn Spraying

Garden Design

Need help adding structure to your garden? Our team can strategically plant bushes, flowers, and trees around your home so that your home looks good any time of year!

We plant:

  • Perennials
  • Annuals
  • Trees and Shrubs

Yard Services

If your yard needs some work, we help with that too. We can provide fall and spring clean-up, annual scheduled yard work, and plant and maintain trees and shrubs around your property.

Tree and Shrub Services

Trees and shrubs can get out of hand if not kept up with. Trust us with trimming, pruning, and shaping your shrubs and small trees.

Garden Bed Services

Gardening can be time-consuming and a lot of work. Everyone wants their house to look nice, but not everyone wants to weed the garden. We are here to say that’s okay! We are happy to take your gardening tasks off your hands.

Our services include:

  • Weeding
  • Edging
  • Roto-tilling
  • Fertilizing
  • Mulching
  • Weed Barrier Installation
  • Mulching

Paver and Natural Stone Services

In addition to lawncare and gardening, we also provide Unilock® and natural stone maintenance services. Weeds can make their way into sidewalk cracks and pop up in your driveway or patio. We will keep your patio, walkway, retaining walls, and driveways free of weeds and other detriments. Pauly Landscaping will install and maintain these services. 

Power Washing Services

If your home or patio looks a little dingy, it can be cleaned up with power washing. Power washing can help clean off dirt, mold, moss, etc., from any solid surface around your home.
For more information, get in touch with us at 716-290-9232.


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